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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the RV industry you wont get any where else.​

RV repair

On the road and don't know who to call? We come to you for RV repairs.

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RV mobile repair. Contact us today.

Camper repair near me

Camper mobile repair. Contact us today.

Camper repair

We come to you to repair your camper.

The future is near

Maintenance is as important as repairs, because regular maintenance extends the life of your RV. When you properly maintain your camper the benefits are endless. Our expert, trained technicians can diagnose the problem and find a solution. Some of the services we provide include RV repair, camper repair, and mobile camper repair service.

our vision

Get back on the road in no time when you choose 3 Guys Mobile Camper Service for all your maintenance and repair needs. If you need travel trailer repair, mobile RV repair, and motorhome service, then it’s time to call us. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and skill of our technicians, and the excellent work they perform on every trailer they service.

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We wash campers to get them looking great for your camping season.  Contact us today for your appointment.  

Service Area

Servicing Elwood, IN and surrounding areas!

Our Estimates and Pricing

Unfortunately due to the high cost of doing business, gas, truck repairs, well everything in fact, we're going to have to raise our rates. Our new rates will be as follows.

$125.00 per hour

$50.00 per every 30 mins traveled for a service call fee one way from our shop in Elwood.

We are very sorry for the increase but we have to stay competitive to continue the success of our family owned business. We'll see you all soon!!

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Any texts, calls or messages left after these times will not be returned till the following business day. Thank you for your understanding!